Nov. 11th, 2008

said_by_me: (me and freedom)
So here is something I don't understand...

If a woman formula feeds, as a breastfeeding advocate- I am expected to still be friends with her. After all, its her choice, not mine.

If a woman is a SAHM, lives off welfare by choice without helping herself or has 10 kids before she is 25- I am expected to be friends with her, because those are her choices, not mine. Despite the fact that my life is very different and I find at least one of those things downright appalling.

Yet when it comes to the election, our political candidates and the propositions we supported or opposed- we are all supposed to either agree and hate the other side or lose friendships if we dare to disagree. Or worse, we have the opportunity to be the butts of jokes, the silent targets of rants or ridiculed, and yes, this is happening on both sides of the fence.

Its not right, its not acceptable and its no longer ok with me. The right to vote is just that. A right to cast a ballot in favor or opposition of the measures put before you. It is not a requirement that we hate the other side. Its not a requirement that we be nasty, petty and cruel. And its surely not a requirement that all people calling each other friends must vote the same way.

I understand that this proposition was emotional to many. The fact is, at least in CA, that this is the SECOND time the voters have overturned this amendment to constitution. Right, wrong or indifferent, the voters have spoken. Its time for people to understand that most supporters of Prop 8 are not bigots, homophobes, people filled with hate or brainwashed idiots. They are people that voted the way their conscience told them to. You have the right to vote purple to become the next state color if its put on the ballot, I have the right to vote green. Neither one of us is stupid or misguided, we are simply exercising our rights.

So consider this your warning. I am well aware of the innuendo, the barbs of hatred and I am done. Your journal is, and always will be, YOUR journal. I cannot make you be kind, understanding, compassionate or kind. I can, and will, remove myself from the situation though if the insults don't stop.

I love my friends but please do not mistake this caring about you as a willingness to be abused.

ETA: I have no desire to point fingers or call names. I am just asking from today forward that we all go back to being friends.

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